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Hello, my name is Maria and I am a National Tour Guide and the founder of Cape Traveller.
I am happily living in South Africa since 1995 and can easily call the country "my second home".
It was not difficult to fall in love with the country and its beauty, to enjoy the lifestyle and the adventure South Africa has to offer!
Surrounded by luxurious nature, two oceans and ancient mountains makes sharing all these experiences with you even more exciting.
Welcome to South Africa !

Maria du Plessis
Южная Африка
Южная Африка
Rainbow Nation

South Africa

I want to convey my love and passion for South Africa and make sure that you have a wonderful journey. Please, write to me, talk to me, and share with me your ideas. I would transform all your information into a perfectly customised holiday. I do not just book a hotel or renting a bus; I offer you unforgettable experience and cherished memories. I base my decisions on my personal experiences, together with certain ethics and standards I like to follow, to make sure your trip is authentic and wonderful. Living in Cape Town, the Mother City, I incorporated its easy-going lifestyle with sunshine and coffee breaks, observing and listening to a diversity of people, wearing casual clothes and letting the wind be my best hairdresser. Always in search for a good story, interesting legend and exiting event, I am trying to reflect it in my articles and blogs! As a tour-guide, I specialise in tailor made tours in South Africa, creating life-long experiences and offering a personal travel planner every step of the way towards making your dreams a reality. I work with a team of travel experts with intimate knowledge and extensive experience. I know how important this trip is to you, so I will take the hassle out of making travel plans yourself and create the perfect customised tour to meet your every requirement, ensuring that your time is optimised and your budget best spent.

Contact me and let me start planning your South African adventure !

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South Africa is not just a destination; it is a journey in itself! We can work together to create the perfect itinerary for you - you will have an amazing time.


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